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Kickstarter: Crowdfunding starts to implement the website internationally
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The Harry Potter universe took shape 20 years ago thanks to writer J.K. Rowling. There are many websites that talk about the Potter phenomenon, the prequels and sequels, but none of them stand out as a complete collection of information and such as to be able to give a complete experience to the friable reader in an orderly manner. was born in January 2021 from this idea. Give visitors a one-of-a-kind experience not only by collecting all categorized information about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts to give to users for free but also as a verified and certified news magazine not only on real-time news but also on national and international scheduled events. was initially born as a cauldron of information and subsequently in March 2021 it was implemented as an exclusively Italian magazine. 


Our first goal is to create a complete magazine on an international level. Currently it is visited by 50,000 users per month that our aim is visited from all over the world but the world is to create an indexed multilingual site that can be viewed and consulted by all Harry Potter fans in the world.

The second objective is that thanks to your donations it will be the fulcrum of the novelty of the project, thanks to an application for international mobile device and desktop that can update the user in real time news, events and entries in the Wiki.

The third, last goal, is the creation of a youtube channel assisted by graphic designers and videomakers who can create videos of an interaction with users to give a complete experience of the magical world.


1) Increase the Wiki section with much more information on the magical world with the conversion of the Italian site into international with dedicated staff.

2) Mobile app development for all mobile and desktop operating systems for real-time user experience and news implementation.

3) To create an international platform with dedicated and suitable translations for all known languages.

4) Creation of a Youtube channel with the help of Videomaker collaborators and dedicated graphic designers.

Risks and challenges

We do not deny that the realization of the current website and its revision in March has employed considerable energies and expenses which unfortunately they can only partially bear.

The expenses for the realization of the international front-end (user) interface, the daily update of the magazine with news and events, and the application will be financed thanks to your donations.


  • Standard 10 $
  • 1 T-shirt $ 25
    • Once you have reached the established quota, a 100% discount code will be issued to be used on the website to purchase the t-shirt
  • 2 T-shirts 50 $
    • A 100% discount code will be issued once you have reached the established quota to be used on the website to purchase the t-shirt

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